Since 1990, we have been one of the strongest names in our industry. Today we have set a milestone with the dreams we have created and the goals we have achieved. We are constantly renewing ourselves in order to offer our customers the best shopping experience with our products and services.

With its passionate professional staff, strong technology infrastructure and customer-focused service, LUX Anonim Şirketi  continues to work with all its might to help its clients to create value and gain the best possible experience.

We know our people every now and where. We know their needs and know the most important factor in commerce are the people themselves. The secret of our success is based on understanding and honesty.


The quality of our customers is equal to the service we provide. We are aware today as yesterday we have done hard work and achieved many things but tomorrow we have to be better than yesterday.

If you do not have anything to increase your success, do not worry. We always have a good offer which will take you further.


Our Team is ready to help you!


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